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Our Homeschool Week in Pictures (& Videos)

A new segment on the blog – a few snapshots to capture our week of learning. A glimpse into our lives to encapsulate the diversity of our days, with ordinary moments sprinkled with a smidgen of the extraordinary…

Meeting and asking questions of the inspiration that is Cressida Cowell – we LOVE her How to Train Your Dragon series (particularly the audiobook read by David Tenant)
Asking Kiran Millwood Hargraves, the award-winning author of The Girl of Ink and Stars for advice about how to get her own novel published
Watching a hugely motivating talk by the two aforementioned authors and Liz Pichon (author of Tom Gates) about the importance of creativity, as they shared their top tips for writing engaging stories – just brilliant!

Following the talk above, this is Bean8, my writing-hater, chosing to write a story for the BBC Radio 2 500-word story competition!
Finding out about the Berlin Wall at the Imperial War Museum
Looking at the contents of a child’s suitcase from WWII and examining his shrapnel

Genetics – learning about Mendel and how to represent his findings in a Punnett Square
Our little science group write up Mendel’s pea plant experiments
Listening to the Story of the World curriculum about Napoleon
Learning her Juliet lines for the Romeo & Juliet performance at our local theatre
Practising his typing with www.typing.com
With her wonderful singing teacher
Sheltering from the strong winds on our weekly home ed walk
Making their own zipwire!
Writing with Skill English work in front of a roaring fire
Hockey practice for the upcoming Kent Championships
Our current read aloud – the start was somewhat heartbreaking but now we’re gripped
Daily piano practice

Cricket, cricket and more cricket! He spends most of his week playing, either down our hallway or at the indoor nets

We spent most of Friday working out how to use the video editing software Lightworks and having a play around to create our own mini videos. Still a lot to learn, but it’s great fun. Here are the Beans’ first attempts:

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