Our Homeschool Week in Pictures (& Videos)

A few snapshots to capture our week of learning in this new world of physical (although not virtual) social isolation. A glimpse into our lives to encapsulate the diversity of our days from our home and surrounding countryside…

Starting the day with an early morning run to get the blood pumping….
A comfy pose for reading his comprehension?
Practising his writing skills
Oh, this book! Now one of our favourites, this one had me in floods of (happy) tears by the end. It perfectly supported our history studies for the week focusing on the end of the slave trade and ultimately slavery itself
Daily bike rides or walks in the sunshine to explore our local countryside
Keeping up with her ballet practice with live classes from The Ballet Coach
Skyping our genetics lessons this week! Learning about evolution by natural selection. Mama looks tired here!
Spanish with Michel Thomas CDs
Her favourite of the March sisters: Jo, most definitely
Because what’s better than breakfast in bed with a good book?
Dancing with Oti Mabuse, now on our daily schedule!
Learning how to graph parabolas and hyperbolas
A spot of piano theory
Trying out the free MEL science lessons – this one was about surface tension (it was OK, but not amazing)
Practising his bowling technique down the hallway…
Acting out a Henry V monologue – because there’s always time for Shakespeare
Engineering and craft projects with Daddy
Singing, singing and more singing: morning hymns with Papa, online singing lessons with their tutor, and practising for the Great British Choir with Gareth Malone
Willing our vegetables to grow!

The Getty Museum challenge – to recreate a famous piece of art (in our case Rousseau’s Surprised!) with objects in your home

What do you think to her recreation?

A virtual playdate – playing Pictionary-style games with their friends

A creative Friday afternoon spent building suspension bridges!

My favourite part of the week – the bedtime read aloud – and this is a particularly good one

Oh, and a whole heap of mess, shouting, fighting, worries and frustrations – our daily imperfections – it’s just that I don’t take photos of those moments… But it does feel good to document all the positives from the week – I’d recommend trying it yourself for a week; you’ll be amazed at how much you do.

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