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Canyoning in Dominica!

Today for something a little different on the blog. Back in February before Covid-19 had fully taken hold of the world, we were lucky enough to squeeze in a trip to the most beautiful island of Dominica. Known as the Caribbean’s adventure island, it is without doubt the perfect spot for thrill-seeking families, with gorgeous scenery, stunning waterfalls, boiling lakes, hot springs, secret coves, a permanent pod of sperm whales swimming in its waters and very few tourists. Quite literally my idea of heaven.

Unsurprisngly (!) we packed a lot into our 10 days on this island, but one of our favourite afternoons had to be canyoning along a lesser known part of the Titou Gorge. On a friend’s advice, we opted to go with the company Extreme Dominica, and I’m so pleased we did! Not only did we have the most awesome fun abseiling, traversing and cannonballing along this stunning ravine, but I felt safe at all times under the excellent care of Jeffrey and Akeel. This duo are extremely professional and they sing for you too! Accompanied by the dulcet tones of Jeffrey singing My Girl, along with whoops of joy, and a littering of “Yeah mans!” you couldn’t help but have a smile permanently affixed to your face!

Here’s my first attempt at editing a video to give you a taster of this memorable experience. Enjoy!

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