Our Homeschool Week in Pictures

A few snapshots to capture our week of learning; a glimpse into our lives to encapsulate the diversity of homeschooling days.

Testing Hooke’s Law in pyjamas!
And graphing their results
(Social distanced!) practising of scenes 1-10 of Dodger – the play they’re producing
Maths on the go, whilst waiting for her brother to finish his piano lesson
And working on some literary criticism by candlelight in front of a snuggly fire – very Victorian!
Learning how to write an application to be part of a team for an exciting new project at the Marlowe Theatre
Enjoying getting back to her ballet and modern dance classes
And his cricket lesson with Tredders
Early morning runs around the village to get the blood pumping!
Reading about Isambard Kingdom Brunel
And writing a summary of his achievements (Bean10’s)
Making marzipan fruit to box up for their friends – perfectly imperfect, made with love!
Forming the simple past or preterite tense for Spanish verbs
Extending their vocabulary in their Morning Basket time
Practising ‘Walking In the Air’ in her singing lesson over Zoom
In the midst of story writing
Learning how to play Yesterday
Making simple Victorian Christmas decorations 🙂

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    1. Thank you! The vocabulary book is called Phenomenal; The Small Book of Big Words by Jonathan Meres. I’d definitely recommend!

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